Free Estimates

At Jake co Painting we undertake inspection of premises and provide free estimates which covers the job starting from surface preparation to completion. We have detailed discussion with our customers to sense their individual coloration needs and work at bringing the living / work spaces alive and vibrant with positive energy.

Specialize in Preparation

A quality paint job requires excellent surface preparation. Prep work includes scraping, sanding, patching and filling every hole, crack, dent, and other surface imperfection. This is the most important element that ensures quality in the result. No paint whatever the quality will give the desired results without proper surface prep work.

Mission & Approach

"To elevate the interior/ exterior-house/ commercial building's painting job to a fine art and provide customers with optimum value and total satisfaction every time by continuously upgrading our capabilities and service."

We approach each project with concern, care and total commitment to quality and estimated time period.